01 February 2008

More Conservative Madness

Don't take my word for this. Here is none other than Ann Coulter on Fox News taking her stand with Limbaugh on the lunatic fringe of conservatism. She makes Sean Hannity look like a voice of reason, at least within the conservative madhouse. You might also notice that she tells telling truths about Senator Clinton as well.

Coulter makes one point worth noting for future reference. McCain seems to be under the impression that the Surge is winning him the Republican nomination, and that national security is going to be the main issue of the general campaign. Coulter says that national security simply isn't enough to establish conservative credentials, so if McCain does run a national-security campaign, those who actually follow the likes of Coulter and Limbaugh may well stay home. I'll add that McCain misunderstands his success. I think it has very little to do with the war or the Surge. More likely, just as G.W. Bush benefitted from a form of "Clinton fatigue" in 2000, McCain now benefits from what we can call "Bush regret." For Republicans, voting for McCain now is like a do-over of the 2000 primaries. It is no reward for McCain's policies since then. Furthermore, he really began to rise when voters started to tire of the negative campaigning between Romney and Huckabee. This can't be because people suddenly decided just last month that the Surge was working. So if McCain thinks he can march to the White House as the national security candidate, he could very well walk himself into a trap. So please, everyone: don't tell him!

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